What happens after I’ve sent a booking request?

We will forward your booking request directly to the landlord/-lady for review. They can either accept or reject it. In the meantime, you can send booking requests for other suitable Wunderflats.

Your booking request was accepted?

Great! Now it’s up to you. If you would like to rent this Wunderflat, please confirm it as soon as possible. Another tenant might be faster than you. Please keep in mind that you can only confirm one booking at a time.

After you confirmed the booking request, we start creating the rental agreement for you and the landlord/-lady.The apartment is then reserved for you.

If you withdraw the accepted booking request, you can confirm another booking.

If someone else was quicker to confirm than you, you will receive a "Reserved for another tenant" message.

Your booking request was rejected?

Unfortunately, your request was not a good fit for the landlord/-lady. This can have different reasons.

More information: Can I influence whether my booking request is accepted?

Which documents should I have at hand?