Wunderflats Service Fee

As a tenant, you will need to pay the Wunderflats service fee as a fixed amount when the booking is confirmed. In Germany, the service fee is €249 for a confirmed booking. In France, the service fee is €399 for a confirmed booking. 

This covers the costs of the customer support, platform use, communication, and helps Wunderflats run smoothly. 

For landlords, the Wunderflats Service Fee is based on the total flat rate rental price: in Germany it is 10% plus 19% VAT, effectively 11.9% for private and commercial landlords. In France it is 5% plus 20% VAT, effectively 6% for private landlords, and 10% plus 20% VAT, effectively 12% for commercial landlords. 

From a minimum rental period of nine months, landlords can request to pay the Wunderflats Service Fee in installments via a SEPA direct debit mandate

The Helfende Wände refugee housing platform is free of charge for landlords and tenants, the Wunderflats Service Fee does not apply there.