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  • Tips for Finding an Apartment in Munich

    Munich is a city in Southern Germany, home of the World's largest beer festival and the famous football team FC Bayern Munich. A vibrant and historic city of 1.43 Million residents, Munich is the third biggest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg) and is split into 25 different districts. Thus, short-term furnished apartments in Munich are popular, but finding places to stay in Munich can be a difficult task. Wunderflats offers furnished apartments in many different districts, the most popular of which are covered below.

    • Living in Munich-Maxvorstadt

      Often referred to as "The Brain of Munich", Maxvorstadt is a district located north of Munich's historic city centre. A hub of culture and knowledge, Maxvorstadt boasts two Universities and numerous Museums and Art Galleries.

      • The Neighbourhood in Munich-Maxvorstadt

        Maxvorstadt is a lively neighborhood playing host to two breweries (Franziskaner and Löwenbräu), the Munich Botanical Gardens, and in the winter the Medieval Christmas Fair. It is an area best suited for young single professionals.

      • Rent prices in Munich-Maxvorstadt

        The average price of renting a flat in Maxvorstadt is higher than the rest of Munich at around € 1.200 - € 1.700 per month for a furnished one-room apartment. Those on a lower budget, such as students, may want to look at other areas.

    • Living in Munich-Schwabing West

      Schwabing West is found in the northern part of the city of Munich. Schwabing was originally the bohemian quarter of Munich, yet has recently seen an increase in gentrification leading to higher rent prices.

      • The Neighbourhood in Munich-Schwabing West

        West Schwabing is for people looking for a modern and elegant lifestyle. There are many streets and squares lined with charming cafes and bars. The shopping street of Hohenzollernstraße hosts designer stores and smaller boutiques. The neighbourhood’s attractive, modern vibe makes it an area best suited for professionals.

      • Rent prices in Munich-Schwabing West

        The prices of furnished apartments in Schwabing West have risen dramatically over the past few years. Expect to find one-bedroom apartments for rent for around €1000 per month.

    • Living in Munich-Sendling

      Sendling is located in the Southwest of Munich. Situated by the river Isar and home to a rich history, Sendling is now a place where many young people and families reside.

      • The Neighbourhood in Munich-Sendling

        Sendling has many green spaces perfect for barbecuing on hot sunny days and relaxing in the evening. Sendling is also home to the Großmarkthalle, which, behind Paris and Barcelona, is the largest communal market in Europe.

      • Rent prices in Munich-Sendling

        Sendling is relatively affordable for renting apartments compared to Schwabing West or Maxvorstadt. For a furnished one-room apartment, expect to pay around € 1.080 - € 1.500 per month. The district is suitable for small families, couples or singles.

    • Living in Munich-Laim

      Laim is a peaceful middle-class suburban family district on the west side of Munich. If you are looking for a house to rent in Munich, this is a good neighbourhood to look at.

      • The Neighbourhood in Munich-Laim

        Laim is a calm part of Munich that you can reach without straying too far from the city centre. The district is home to Fürstenrieder Straße, one of the biggest shopping streets in all of Munich. The neighbourhood is very family-friendly with Agricolaplatz, a big square with a playground, at the heart of Laim.

      • Rent prices in Munich-Laim

        For a central suburban area in Munich, prices in Laim are surprisingly low. A furnished one-room apartment comes to around € 1.000 - € 1.400 per month.

    • Living in Munich-Nymphenburg

      Nymphenburg is located in the West of Munich. It is a very traditional area with a noble aesthetic and fantastic architecture.

      • The Neighbourhood in Munich-Nymphenburg

        Nymphenburg is a home to a mixture of young and old people. Its neighbouring district holds the biggest nightclub in Munich and Nymphenburg itself is home to the famous Nymphenburg Palace. On top of this, there are also the newly opened botanical gardens and a beautiful beer garden in the royal Hirschgarten. Nymphenburg is not short of things to do.

      • Rent prices in Munich-Nymphenburg

        Nymphenburg is a more expensive area to live in, but it is worth it if you enjoy beautiful surroundings. A furnished one-room apartment comes to around € 1.150 - € 1.650 per month.

  • Living in Munich

    Munich is a completely unique city in Germany. An incredible mix of history and architecture combined with modern life. The beer is always cold and the streets are clean. Munich is a wonderful city to live in.

    • Transportation in Munich

      Munich is famous amongst locals for having many cyclists. But don’t worry if cycling isn’t your passion - public transport is clean and reliable as well.

      • Public Transportation

        Munich’s extensive overground and underground transportation system means it is exceptionally easy to make your way around the city. With a €13 euro day ticket, you are able to use any of its underground trains, overground trains, trams or buses which will take you where you need to go. Transport is clean and efficient. For small groups of travellers, there is also the possibility to buy a group day pass which is more economical.

      • Taxi

        Taxis in Munich are easy to find and have a starting base fare of €3.70 and €1.60 to €1.90 per kilometre. For those that prefer to drive there are multiple car sharing schemes available in Munich. They allow you to pick up and drop off a car as and when you need it and all petrol & insurance costs are included in the price.

    • Sightseeing in Munich

      Munich is a historical and cultural hub with no shortage of things to do. Here are some must-sees upon visiting Munich.

      • Nymphenburg Palace

        The construction of the Nymphenburg palace began in the mid-1600s and is a fantastic example of Baroque architecture. You can explore on your own or take a guided tour.

      • The New Town Hall

        The New Town Hall can be found at Marienplatz and houses the government and city officials of Munich. It is a beautiful building and if you visit at the end of the Bundesliga football season, you may see the FC Bayern Munich team raising the Bundesliga trophy.

      • Viktualienmarkt

        The Viktualienmarkt is a daily food market in the centre of Munich. Expect lots of sausages, beer, and fish. It gets especially busy during the Summer months and of course Oktoberfest time.

      • Palace Neuschwanstein

        Neuschwanstein is not directly located in Munich but this 19th century Bavarian palace makes the perfect day trip out from the city. It is famous for being the inspiration for the Disney castle.

      • Englischer Garten

        The English Garden is the largest public park in Munich. Here you can drink cold Radlers in the beer garden or rent pedalos and leisurely ride down the river.

      • Oktoberfest

        If you are lucky to be in Munich during Oktoberfest time, you can take part in the world’s largest beer festival. With many tents, some holding up to 15,000 people at a time, fairground rides and of course lots of lovely German food, Oktoberfest is a fantastic celebration of Bavarian culture. No visit to Munich would be complete without a visit to the Hofbräuhaus. It is a three-story beer hall and serves traditional Bavarian food.

    • Helpful Services in Munich

      Coming to a new city can be a stressful affair, but Munich has a number of services that can lessen this stress for newcomers.

      • Cleaning Service

        Book a Tiger offers affordable cleaning services with many scheduling options and cleaners that speak English.

      • Food Delivery

        Lieferheld is a well-known German delivery company from which you can order food wherever your accommodation is in Munich. You can order either online or via the app and you can pay by cash or card.

      • Gym Membership

        Cleverfit is an affordable and well-equipped gym in Munich with multiple locations in the city. They also offer the help of personal trainers to members.

      • Car Sharing

        DriveNow is a popular car sharing scheme in Munich. Cars are available to use and return at your leisure with no rental limit. Register online or via the app.