Which documents should I have at hand?

After your initial booking request, we will tell you in your account exactly which documents we need from you. The sooner you upload all the documents to your account in "My documents", the sooner we can draw up the rental agreement for you and your landlord/-lady

In any case we need:

  • Your current address

  • For the identity verification through the Wunderflats Account: a valid government-issued identity document of every person moving in (find more information about the identity verification here)

And depending on whether you are studying or working, we also need: 

  • From employees: a copy of your employment contract or current payslips 

  • If your company pays the rent for you, we need a confirmation they cover the monthly rent

  • From self-employed persons or freelancers: financial evidence (e.g. a current bank account statement) to confirm that you have enough financial liquidity to cover the monthly rent

  • From students: proof of enrolment and financial evidence (e.g. a current bank account statement) or security by a third party including income statement and a copy of the guarantor's ID or passport

With these documents we verify the identity and solvency of all tenants, as is customary on the regular rental market. You do not need to submit any other documents, such as SCHUFA information.