How do I create a listing for people displaced by the war in Ukraine?

For this purpose we have built a specific Ukraine-platform. Please enter your email address here in order to create a Wunderflats account. You will receive an email with a confirmation link from us. Please click on that link to confirm your registration.

You can then create an online listing for your accommodation here. Please provide the following information in your listing:

 - The address of your accommodation to indicate to the searchers the approximate location (the exact address will not be visible to the public).

- The minimum booking duration is one month. We’ve learnt that the people in need who come to us appreciate mid- or longer term housing offers that enable them to regain a little stability.

- Choose the amount of rent or set it to 0€.  Currently, two thirds of the people registered with us offer free housing for people in need. 

- The maximum number of people you can welcome.

-  The type of accommodation, the size of the living space, the number of rooms, and the floor on which the accommodation is located.


Some fields of the listing are already pre-filled, but they are editable for you:  

- Please change the default setting from Pets Not Allowed to Pets Allowed if you allow pets.

- Your listing will automatically be pre-filled with basic information in German/English and Ukrainian. You can add to this information at any time.


The last step is to publish your listing. Afterwards, your housing offer can be requested by people in need. If you receive a request, you will be notified via email. You can view the request in your Wunderflats account 

and ideally accept it. To accept your first request we will ask you to verify your identity. In order to ensure safety for both sides we will also verify the tenants. 

After accepting, you will receive the contact information of the tenants to coordinate the move-in.