Which services are included in the Wunderflats service flat rate?

We at Wunderflats assist you in renting out your furnished apartments easily, safely, and without much effort. Our team is here to advise and support you. 

  • Verified tenants: We verify each prospective tenant by confirming their employment and income, as well as requiring a valid ID or passport. 

  • Maximum reach with just one listing: With our extensive marketing measures, we increase the reach of your listing. 

  • Fast and secure contract conclusion: Once you have decided on a suitable tenant, we take care of the contract - with our verified rental agreements.

  • Professional presentation of your apartment: Our real estate photographers photograph your apartment free of charge. This verifies your apartment and increases the appeal of your listing.

  • Personal contact for all matters: We strive to build up a long-term cooperation with you. You can always reach one of our skilled and experienced team members to address any of your questions and concerns.

  • Free of charge until the apartment is successfully rented out: The Wunderflats service fee only applies once you have concluded a rental agreement with a tenant. We charge this fee on the total flat rate rental price - 10% plus 19% VAT, effectively 11.9%.

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