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Student Housing

New studies, new student flat! Fully furnished studio apartments, with cooking facilities and your own bathroom.

Furnished apartments in Hamburg

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Bright and spacious apartment close to the metro

€2,500per month
3 Rooms4 adults86

Quiet apartment with a mini garden

€1,290per month
2 Rooms2 adults45

Quiet and modern home in Hamburg-Mitte

€990per month
1 Room1 adult30

Lovely studio in Hamburg-Nord

€3,500per month
4 Rooms2 adults95

Art Nouveau appartement in Hamburgs musiciens quarter

€1,600per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

NEW: Exclusive and high-quality 1R flat 800m to the Alsterlauf in the Uhlenhorst district

€1,290per month
1 Room1 adult30

Spacious, cute flat close to city center

€1,395per month
1 Room1 adult24

Gorgeous and new studio near school

€1,495per month
1 Room1 adult24

Spacious and bright suite close to park

€895per month
1 Room1 adult30

Great & charming 4 rooms with balcony in Hohenfelde - central, close to central station

€2,790per month
4 Rooms4 adults75

Pretty apartment in Hamburg-Nord

€875per month
1 Room1 adult21

Quiet home in excellent location

€840per month
1 Room1 adult16

Pretty newly-furnished studio in Hamburg

€695per month
1 Room1 adult16

fresh renovated Art Nouvean Appartment in Hamburg Eppendorf close University clinic Eppendorf

€1,699per month
2 Rooms4 adults46

Beautiful flat directly at the Alster (Hamburg-Mitte)

€1,390per month
1 Room2 adults30

Cute apartment in Hamburg-Hoheluft / Eppendorf

€1,580per month
2 Rooms2 adults56

Neat studio located in Altona

€2,990per month
2 Rooms6 adults60

Stylish and quiet suite in Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg

€1,970per month
2 Rooms2 adults70

Fantastic & charming loft (Altona)

€2,990per month
2 Rooms6 adults60

Awesome and new studio in a quiet area

€1,590per month
2 Rooms2 adults39

Fantastic loft in Hamburg-Mitte

€3,200per month
4 Rooms4 adults117

Fantastic, fashionable loft (Hamburg-Nord)

€1,150per month
1 Room2 adults37

Bright and cozy home in popular area

€1,280per month
1 Room2 adults34

Modern, fashionable apartment located in Hamburg-Nord

€2,200per month
3 Rooms4 adults92

10-12 Months Contract For Comfortable Furnished Apartment in Hamburg Uhlenhorst

€1,290per month
2 Rooms2 adults56

Harbour, River and Reeperbahnview, stylist 2 roomapartment, garage

€1,900per month
2 Rooms2 adults40

Bright apartment in good location of St. Pauli

€1,790per month
3 Rooms3 adults70

Miniloft - Highlight - quiet little loft/studio/apartment in the heart of Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

€1,280per month
1 Room2 adults34

Lovely & beautiful home in the heart of Winterhude

€2,650per month
3 Rooms4 adults71

Perfect & nice loft with garden in great location of Eimsbüttel - 15min from main station

€1,100per month
2 Rooms1 adult31