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Turn your business stay into your home away from home with our completely furnished apartments equipped with a working space.

Furnished apartments in Essen

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Big private Terrace with BBQ in newly renovated apartment in beautiful Essen-Werden - 5 mins walk to Oldtown and Folkwang University

€1,350per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Attractive furnished apartment near Essen main station with two bedrooms

€1,250per month
3 Rooms2 adults66

Stylish and furnished apartment with a balcony in Essen Werden

€1,050per month
1 Room2 adults32

Great studio apartment in the middle of Essen

€790per month
1 Room1 adult38

Quiet, comfortable flat, within walking distance of Messe Essen and Büropark Bredeney

€1,050per month
2 Rooms2 adults52

Furnished maisonette apartment in Essen-Bredeney

€690per month
2 Rooms1 adult45

Cute, wonderful flat in Essen

€1,200per month
2 Rooms4 adults45

Modern furnished apartment in Essen-Rüttenscheid with balcony

€1,190per month
2 Rooms1 adult48

Extraordinary ambience - vintage furniture and art

€1,390per month
2 Rooms2 adults58

Central and cosy apartment in Essen

€700per month
1 Room1 adult26

Bright & furnished maisonette apartment with loft character

€1,100per month
2 Rooms3 adults40

Awesome & lovely Studio Apartments located in Essen

€900per month
1 Room1 adult25

Charming studio in Essen

€850per month
2 Rooms2 adults36

Modern design flat - Manager flat - located in Essen-West

€1,870per month
3 Rooms3 adults69

Cozy apartment next to university hospital Essen

€2,400per month
4 Rooms4 adults65

Modern, bright and quiet apartment in Essen

€705per month
1 Room2 adults40

5 min walk to Folkwang University / Hospital / Edeka

€895per month
1 Room1 adult25

Furnished and fully equipped 2-room flat in central location of Essen-Süd

€1,090per month
2 Rooms2 adults57

Fully furnished apartment in Essen

€840per month
1 Room1 adult38

Sunny and modern appartment in the heart of Essen Rüttenscheid

€1,250per month
3 Rooms2 adults70

Modern and Cozy apartment in Essen - 5 minutes to Uniklinikum, Messe Gruga

€1,375per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Lovely and fantastic loft in vibrant neighbourhood

€1,200per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Essen-Rüttenscheid: Lovely Studio Apartment with a balcony on a quiet side street - 5 mins walk to Messe Gruga & E.ON

€1,170per month
1 Room2 adults30

Cosy apartment in central location at the University Hospital Essen

€1,450per month
1 Room2 adults24

Furnished apartment in the south quarter of Essen !

€1,150per month
1 Room4 adults45

ARCTIC HOME+BALKON*Zentrum Essen*HBF*Messe*Netflix

€1,350per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

2 Bedroom-Apartment in Essen-Center

€1,300per month
3 Rooms3 adults73

TROPIC HOME+BALKON*Zentrum Essen*HBF*Messe*Netflix

€1,249per month
2 Rooms4 adults60

Modern apartment with new bathroom and kitchen, near to Uniklinikum Essen

€1,445per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Pretty & modern apartment in Essen

€1,000per month
1 Room3 adults40