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Furnished Apartments in Bremen

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Charming & fashionable home in Findorff

€1,300per month
2 Rooms3 adults45

Nice and wonderful studio apartment close to city center

€1,200per month
1 Room2 adults32

comfortable and stylish apartment

€1,550per month
3 Rooms3 adults75

East-Village-No5 „ north star“ Bremen Ostertor (Viertel)

€1,100per month
1 Room2 adults20

gemütliche Wohnung mit kostenlosem Parkplatz

€1,300per month
2 Rooms3 adults45

Beautiful bright & quiet loft located in Bremen-Schwachhausen.

€795per month
1 Room1 adult25

Dream Apartment

€1,350per month
1 Room2 adults30

East-Village-No5 Apartment „Copper pot“ Bremen Ostertor (Viertel)

€990per month
1 Room2 adults20

Beautiful and wonderful suite in vibrant neighbourhood

€1,350per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Central chic design apartment

€1,250per month
1 Room2 adults32

Sunny 3-room apartment

€1,650per month
3 Rooms2 adults76

Studio 06 is Situated in the center of Bremen

€1,200per month
1 Room4 adults28

Beautiful bright & quiet loft located in Bremen-Schwachhausen.

€845per month
1 Room2 adults30

New, wonderful studio

€1,290per month
1 Room2 adults28

Fashionable and cozy loft located in Findorff including monthly cleaning

€1,190per month
2 Rooms2 adults45

Schwachhausen-Bürgerpark / Exklusive 3-room apartment with a balcony

€1,550per month
3 Rooms4 adults72

East-Village-No5 Apartment „sea ​​chest“ Bremen Ostertor (Viertel)

€999per month
1 Room2 adults20

Great flat (Walle)

€1,800per month
3 Rooms5 adults66

unique: charming | tramstation | parking | netflix

€1,800per month
2 Rooms4 adults55

Beautiful apartment with a view over Bremen

€1,430per month
4 Rooms2 adults72

East-Village-No5 Apartment "cabin" Bremen Ostertor (Viertel)

€1,100per month
1 Room2 adults23

East-Village-No5 Apartment "bird bunk" Bremen Ostertor (Viertel)

€1,100per month
1 Room2 adults24

Nice flat in Bremen-Walle

€1,300per month
2 Rooms2 adults55

Beautiful, very large and bright 4-room flat with 2 large balconies in the middle of Bremen-Schwachhausen.

€2,390per month
4 Rooms6 adults105

Neat quiet oasis in stylish ‚Viertel‘ area

€1,450per month
2 Rooms2 adults50

Modern ground floor flat with garden in the best location

€1,450per month
2 Rooms2 adults48

Upper floor, 2-room, 4-bed furnished, suitable for sharing, near Waterfront 28237 Bremen.

€1,300per month
2 Rooms4 adults30

Awesome and gorgeous home in vibrant neighbourhood

€1,550per month
2 Rooms3 adults74

Perfect apartment for students & young people in an old Bremen house

€1,200per month
3 Rooms3 adults55

Pretty, cozy home in Mitte

€1,650per month
2 Rooms4 adults55
  • Tips for Finding an Apartment in Bremen

    Situated in the North of Germany on the river Weser, Bremen is a historic city of around 570.000 people and is the tenth most populated city in Germany. Although probably most well-known for Becks beer and the Bundesliga football club Werder Bremen, Bremen itself has much more to offer culturally and economically. Its port on the River Weser has made it the second-largest economic hub in Northern Germany (after Hamburg), creating a high demand for short-term apartments in Bremen. The city is split into 23 different districts and the most popular of them are described below.

    Rent a short-term furnished apartment in Bremen-Fesenfeld
    • Living in Bremen-Neustadt

      Located near the airport and the River Weser, Neustadt is popular among couples. There are many cafes, restaurants, and bars situated in Neustadt so lots to do for young people in the evenings. Rent prices for furnished apartments in Bremen-Neustadt are slightly higher than other districts due to its thriving nightlife and shopping opportunities.

      • The Bremen-Neustadt Neighbourhood

        Neustadt is best-suited for the social and outgoing, who will enjoy the buzz and good cuisine. Neustadt has a thriving alternative scene that is a draw for many young people. It is also home to the most vibrant shopping street in Bremen.

      • Rent Prices in Bremen-Neustadt

        Prices in Neustadt are in the mid-range for apartments in Bremen with an average one-bedroom apartment coming to €670 - €1.000 per month.

    • Living in Bremen-Findorff

      Findorff is the most central district in Bremen. Due to its proximity to the University of Bremen, Findorff is home to a high student population, yet there are also many green areas that attract families with young children.

      • The Bremen-Findorff Neighbourhood

        Living in Bremen-Findorff is convenient because the neighbourhood contains the Hauptbahnhof (central train station) as well as the Bürgerpark (city park), which includes a petting zoo. Findorff is a busy district that is steadily growing in popularity.

      • Rent Prices in Bremen-Findorff

        Expect to pay slightly higher rent in Findorff, with standard one-bedroom apartments starting at around €700 per month reaching up to €1.100 per month.

    • Living in Bremen-Walle

      The district of Walle is positioned in the North East of the city. Like in Findorff there are many green spaces including Walle Park. Walle is home to a vibrant mix of people from all different nationalities and cultures.

      • The Bremen-Walle Neighbourhood

        The unofficial motto of Walle is "In Walle wohnen sie alle!" essentially meaning all are welcome! Walle has great infrastructure including restaurants, schools, an art gallery, and even an ice rink. Additionally, old German architecture is displayed alongside modern buildings.

      • Rent Prices in Bremen-Walle

        Apartments in Walle are relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of Bremen with one-bedroom flats for around €550 - €1.000 per month.

    • Living in Bremen-Gröpelingen

      Historically Gröpelingen was a district composed mainly of immigrants working at the port. While the district has maintained its multicultural composition, it has become more diverse and popular amongst young families due to its affordability.

      • The Bremen-Gröpelingen Neighbourhood

        Residents of Gröpelingen enjoy the tree-studded Oslebshauser Park which also has three small lakes. Other highlights include a Promenade along the river Weser and a variety of shops and restaurants from all over the world.

      • Rent Prices in Bremen-Gröpelingen

        While many families call Gröpelingen their home, young singles have populated the area as well due to inexpensive rent. Gröpelingen is the most affordable district in Bremen. One-bedroom apartments range between €500 - €950 per month.

    • Living in Bremen-Schwachhausen

      Located in the East of Bremen, Schwachhausen is a suburban district home to mostly middle- and upper-class residents. The area has few apartments, but a number of larger properties including furnished houses for rent. If you are looking for a quieter neighbourhood, Schwachhausen is for you.

      • The Bremen-Schwachhausen Neighbourhood

        Schwachhausen is where many corporations and start-ups are located yet it also provides a healthy dose of nature with the Bürgerpark and the Stadtwald (city forest). Buildings are well-maintained and the district is known for being peaceful and pleasant.

      • Rent Prices in Bremen-Schwachhausen

        Prices in Schwachhausen are the highest in Bremen, starting at €850 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and going up to €1.200.

  • Living in Bremen

    Bremen is a typical mid-sized German city and the life here reflects that. There is a delightful old town to stroll around on lazy Sundays, a vibrant nightlife Thursdays through Saturdays, traditional Christmas markets in December, and efficient public transport. While finding a short-term apartment in Bremen isn’t the only part of settling in, life in Bremen is easy to adapt to. Below are our tips for navigating your first weeks in the city.

    Sighsteeings in Bremen-Old-Town
    • Transport in Bremen

      Don’t have your own car? - No problem, Bremen has an extensive and well-maintained public transport network but also other forms of transportation such as car-sharing are getting more popular here.

      • Public Transport

        Public transport in Bremen is simple, fast, and efficient. With a solid network of buses and trams that drive all over the city, residents of Bremen find it easy to get around. A day ticket, valid on all forms of public transport in Bremen, costs €8.30 a day. Tickets for longer periods of time are also available. Additionally, Bremen has an S Bahn (local rail) to access nearby towns such as Bremerhaven.

      • Ferry

        Many modes of transport are possible in Bremen: for example, transport by boat with the Weser Ferry. Tickets for adults cost just around €2 for a return journey. For a little more money it is also possible to take your bike along.

    • Sightseeing in Bremen

      As a German city that has lived through a lot of history, there are some “must-sees” for new citizens:

      • Schnoor

        Most Germans who think of Bremen think of beautiful medieval buildings and winding streets. This type of architecture can be found in Schnoor, the oldest quarter in Bremen dating back to the 15th Century. Lose yourself in the maze of streets and discover a different time.

      • The Bremer Rathaus (City Hall)

        Built during the 15th century, the city hall in the centre of Bremen is a grand example of European Brick Gothic Architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and also the place where the office of the mayor of Bremen is located. The Bremen Cathedral, dedicated to St. Peter can also be found in the Main Market Square. It is the old Cathedral of the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen.

      • The Bremen Roland

        You can find the statue of Roland directly opposite the city hall, in the main city square. Just like the city hall, it is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. It was erected in 1404 and depicts Roland, a hero of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, as protector of the city.

      • The Town Musicians of Bremen

        The famous statue dedicated to the Brothers Grimm tale 'The Town Musicians of Bremen' was erected in 1953 and can be found next to the Rathaus. They say if you touch both of the donkey’s front legs your wishes will come true.

      • Böttcherstraße

        Böttcherstraße is a famous street in the Old Town of Bremen, well known for its unusual architecture. Only 100 meters long, this street is a perfect example of Brick Expressionism and is protected by the monument protection act.

      • Schlachte

        The Schlachte is a promenade in Bremen that runs alongside the River Weser. It was previously a harbour but is now home to multiple restaurants and beer gardens. It is especially nice in the summer!

      Sighsteeings in Bremen: The Town Musicians of Bremen
    • Useful Services in Bremen

      A strong service sector and a wealth of small- to medium-sized businesses provide lots of ways to make settling in a lot easier in Bremen.

      • Car Sharing

        Cambio is a car-sharing programme available in Bremen with multiple stations to pick up cars. Registration is quick and you are able to use their cars at leisure, being charged by the minute or by the kilometre.

      • Cleaning Service

        Mr. Cleaner offers affordable and efficient cleaning services for your apartment in Bremen with flexible scheduling.

      • Food Delivery

        Lieferando offers fast and reliable food delivery from tasty restaurants all over Bremen. It is possible to order online or via app.

      • Gym Membership

        For fitness enthusiasts, or those looking to stay in shape, fitX fitness studios is a fully equipped gym for both cardio and weight training and has three locations in Bremen. For those looking for a premium option, Fitness Galerie Neustadt is an exclusive gym with a sauna.