Furnished Apartments in Berlin

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Fashionable, gorgeous apartment in Kreuzberg (Berlin)

€1,200per month
1 Room1 adult35

Practical 2 room apartment in Kreuzberg near Bergmannkietz

€1,690per month
2 Rooms2 adults49

1-room-apartment in the middle of the Reuterkiez with balcony

€1,500per month
1 Room2 adults30

Amazing, neat suite

€1,684per month
2 Rooms2 adults71

Cute and charming apartment with balkony(Neukölln)

€1,750per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Neat loft located in Reinickendorf

€1,650per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Charming & fashionable apartment in Neukölln

€2,200per month
2 Rooms2 adults72

Gesundbrunnen/Mitte: Beautiful 3 rooms flat with balcony

€1,750per month
3 Rooms1 adult60

Charming Retreat in Vibrant & Historic Berlin

€1,749per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Pretty, great studio in Steglitz

€1,700per month
3 Rooms3 adults80

Modern, bright and quiet 2 room business apartment with balcony in green Weißensee

€1,999per month
3 Rooms2 adults76

Lovely apartment, lightful and quiet in Prenzlauer Berg

€1,800per month
2 Rooms2 adults58

Perfect and pretty apartment in excellent location

€2,250per month
2 Rooms4 adults60

Prenzlauer Berg 1BR, nr Mauerpark

€2,940per month
2 Rooms2 adults69

Friedrichshain 1br nr Frankfurter Tor

€3,180per month
3 Rooms4 adults66

Charming flat in Mitte

€1,960per month
2 Rooms3 adults50

Prenzlauer Berg 1BR, nr Mauerpark

€2,910per month
2 Rooms2 adults68

compact sunny apartment in the bustling district of Friedrichshain

€1,858per month
2 Rooms2 adults53

Pretty & great home in superb location of Neukölln

€1,900per month
3 Rooms2 adults68

Chic & bright apartment with roof terrace in the center of Berlin

€2,990per month
4 Rooms3 adults115

Awesome, spacious home located in Prenzlauer Berg

€1,450per month
2 Rooms2 adults46

Cosy & spacious home in Kreuzberg, Berlin

€1,750per month
2 Rooms2 adults70

Wonderful apartment (Prenzlauer Berg)

€1,875per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Beautiful and fully equipped apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

€1,859per month
1 Room2 adults50


€2,250per month
2 Rooms2 adults78

Cozy and fashionable loft

€1,790per month
2 Rooms2 adults80

Elegant & Spacious Apartment

€2,280per month
3 Rooms5 adults102

Sunny Vintage Art Flat in Prenzlauer Berg

€1,990per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Bright apartment with balcony in trendy Neukölln

€1,650per month
2 Rooms2 adults70

Very Central and spacious 2 bedroom apartment

€1,990per month
2 Rooms3 adults65