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We make sure that your apartment is never empty by advertising it on various platforms including ImmobilienScout24.


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"Friendly staff and verified tenants, everything you can ask for as a landlord. We hope to continue our productive cooperation and can definitely recommend Wunderflats. "

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"I can only recommend working with Wunderflats. Everything works perfectly. Thus, we can easily rent our serviced apartments. This is fundamental to us because we want to offer our guests fast and easy renting processes."

Sandra Fuchs:

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We know how difficult it can be to rent out an apartment to the right person. Wunderflats makes sure that your furnished apartment gets tenants you are looking for.

No matter if you want to rent out a furnished apartment, house, studio or a penthouse - once you list it on Wunderflats, we take care of the rest.

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Frequently asked


Can I also pay the service fee on a monthly basis?

For rental agreements of 9 months or more, you as a lessor can request an instalment payment of the Wunderflats service fee. Payment by instalments is only possible in connection with a SEPA direct debit mandate. If the rental period is 9 months or more, you can pay the service fee in a maximum of 2 instalments, for 17 months or more you can pay in up to 3 instalments and for 25 months or more in up to 4 instalments. The service fee is only paid by the lessor.

When do I have to pay the fixed service fee to Wunderflats?

We will issue you as the lessor a one-off invoice for the entire rental period after the rental agreement or the extension of a rental agreement has been signed. If the rental agreement is signed more than 60 days before the tenants move in, the service fee must be paid to Wunderflats no later than 45 days before the tenants move in. If the rental agreement is signed less than 60 days before the tenants move in, the service fee is due within 14 days after receiving the invoice.

Can I charge an extra fee for electricity, Internet flat rate etc.?

To make the booking process as easy as possible, Wunderflats works exclusively with all-inclusive rental prices. This means that in addition to the actual rent, a fixed rate covering all utilities is already included. This all-inclusive rent should comprise all utilities including an internet flat rate. The fixed rate for the utilities should be based on the average consumption of the last years and the number of tenants. Since all utilities are already included in the rent, you as a landlord do not have to create a utility statement at the end of the rental period, and no retroactive compensation payments are made between you and the tenant. According to the experience of our Wunderflats landlords, the costs of different consumer behaviour balance out well over several tenants. Should you nevertheless notice that the fixed rate applied does not cover your costs, you can increase it accordingly for future rentals. Only in case of significantly higher consumption, an additional payment might be due, which you can offset against the security deposit. Please find further information here (in German). Would you like to consult with us? Our team will be more than happy to help you with the pricing of your apartment. Just send us an email to

How much rent can I charge for my furnished apartment?

The rental price for your furnished apartment depends on many different factors, including location, size, number of beds and furniture. When calculating the rent, you should consider the cost of the furniture and the equipment. Since Wunderflats works with all-inclusive rental prices, all costs incurred, such as utilities or an internet flat rate, must be included in the rent. We also recommend that you allow for two to three weeks of vacancy per year. Further information on the fixed rate for the utilities can be found here: Can I charge an extra fee for electricity, Internet flat rate etc.? How to calculate the furniture surcharge is explained here (in German). In Berlin we also recommend that you take this information here on the rent cap into account (in German). Would you like our advice on pricing? We're happy to help! Just send us an e-mail to or give us a call on: +49 (0) 30 120 86 22 10

What does it cost to place a listing on Wunderflats?

Listing your apartment on Wunderflats is as free of charge as the consultation and support provided by our skilled and experienced team. Our service fee only becomes due after the successful conclusion of a lease agreement with one of our tenants. This is 10% plus 19% VAT, effectively 11.9%, and is calculated on the total fixed rate.
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