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Our fast and transparent booking processes help you rent out your apartment with ease and in no time.

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We work with 2000+ corporate clients and verify every tenant’s employment relationship and income.

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We make sure that your apartment is never empty by advertising it on various platforms including ImmobilienScout24.


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Time saving through easy collaboration

"Wunderflats saves a lot of time and effort due to the uncomplicated cooperation. I can only recommend the dedicated team."

Bernhard Lechleitner:

100+ furnished apartments

Everything you can ask for as a landlord

"Friendly staff and verified tenants, everything you can ask for as a landlord. We hope to continue our productive cooperation and can definitely recommend Wunderflats. "

Selim Osman:

Is running more than 30 furnished apartments

Fast and easy renting processes

"I can only recommend working with Wunderflats. Everything works perfectly. Thus, we can easily rent our serviced apartments. This is fundamental to us because we want to offer our guests fast and easy renting processes."

Sandra Fuchs:

Is running more than 50 furnished apartments

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We know how difficult it can be to rent out an apartment to the right person. Wunderflats makes sure that your furnished apartment gets tenants you are looking for.

No matter if you want to rent out a furnished apartment, house, studio or a penthouse - once you list it on Wunderflats, we take care of the rest.

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  • Fast and secure contracting
  • No exclusivity nor binding contracts
  • You are in full control over any decision
  • Professional apartment photo shooting
  • Individual price and listing advice
  • Only pay in case of successful bookings
  • Professional support every working day

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Frequently asked


Can I advertise my apartment on other services?

Of course you can. We don’t have exclusive rights to rent out your apartment. If you want to publish it on another platform as well, that’s absolutely no problem. If you find a tenant through another website you can simply adjust the availability of your Wunderflats listing in the calendar.

What happens if I find a tenant myself?

No problem! If you find a tenant yourself, or on another website, you can simply adjust the availability of your Wunderflats listing in the calendar. We will make sure no bookings can be made until your apartment is available again. If you don’t rent out your apartment via Wunderflats, there is no fee of course.

Do you offer a photography service?

Yes! We offer a free photographer service for our landlords. This helps us verify the details of the flat and lets us present your apartment in the most attractive way. We will be happy to find a date that suits you. To make an appointment just send us a quick email to

Does Wunderflats provide any kind of insurance for my apartment?

No, Wunderflats does not provide insurance for apartments. That is simply due to the fact, that it is not necessary. Our tenants are very careful and respectful with the apartments and damages are happening as good as never. But if something does break, or the furniture does take damage, the deposit you’ll get from your tenant covers you. And, of course, you have the statutory claims for damages from a lease. Additionally, we can prepare a handover certificate for the move in- and out, which will be part of the rental contract between you and the tenant.

How does the listing process work?

Creating an apartment listing on our website is easily done in 3 quick steps. Please note, that you need to be logged in to successfully submit your listing. To create a listing start here

  1. Enter the address of your apartment
  2. Enter the monthly rent for your apartment
  3. Upload your photos of the apartment

After uploading your photos you can then add a description of your apartment and give additional information (i.e., are pets allowed in your apartment) for potential tenants.

If you need any help with creating your apartment listing don’t hesitate to call us under +49 30 120 86 22 10 or write us an email to

What does the Wunderflats fee cover?

We at Wunderflats believe, that renting out your furnished apartment should be simple, safe and without any effort for you. To achieve this, our team is on hand with help and advice for you and makes sure that you’ll get:

  • Reliable and verified tenants We work with 400+ corporate clients and verify every tenant with their employer confirming their employment relationship and income.
  • Maximum reach Your listing on Wunderflats will automatically be synchronized with ImmobilienScout24 and other services free of charge, allowing you to reach both business customers and private professionals.
  • Fast and secure contracting We take care of the full contract process using our bulletproof rental contracts, once you have decided on a suitable tenant.
  • Professional presentation A free photographer service not only verifies your apartment to potential tenants but also allows us to present it in the best light possible.
  • Individual support  We're here for the long-term, which is why you will always reach an experienced real estate professional for any advice.
  • Only pay for successful rentals Only once you have signed a rental contract with your Wunderflats-Tenant we charge a 10% fee excl. VAT on the total rent.

How much rent should I charge for my apartment?

How much rent you should charge, depends on different factors such as size, location, the number of beds and equipment of your apartment. You can calculate the rent from your expenses for furniture and utilities. We also recommend to reckon on 2-3 weeks vacancy per year.

If you’d like to get advice on how much to charge for your apartment, we are happy to help anytime. Send us a quick email to, or call us under +49 30 120 86 22 10.

When is the Wunderflats fee due?

We’ll send you, shortly after your tenant signed the contract, a bill for the whole rental period. It is due to pay within 14 days after your tenant moved in. The fee only applies to months that you have actually rented out through Wunderflats.

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