How does Wunderflats deal with misappropriation law?

In order to counteract housing shortages, some cities and municipalities restrict the use of housing for purposes other than residential purposes. For example, renting out apartments to tourists on a daily or weekly basis may require a license. Apartments offered on Wunderflats are not intended for short holidays or stays. 

Wunderflats offers apartments for the actual purpose of temporary housing. Together with our landlords/-ladies, we make sure that all legal criteria are fulfilled and that misappropriation criteria are excluded, one example is that our platform requires all-inclusive rents that are payable per month.

  • We verify the reason for stay of all potential tenants in order to exclude a tenancy for touristic or medical purposes.

  • We issue a valid fixed-term rental agreement, which is limited for a certain period of time of at least one month.

  • We ensure through our terms and conditions that every tenant can register in the apartment (Anmeldung) and is allowed to label their letter box and bell.

Please find further information on this topic on our hub.