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Balcony Homes

Want to sip your morning coffee in the sun? No problem! We have an amazing selection of apartments with beautiful balconies and terraces for you.

Furnished apartments in Kaiserslautern

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Modern City Apartments - Apartment 3

€1,900per month
2 Rooms3 adults50

Classic Apartments - Apartment 4

€1,990per month
2 Rooms3 adults60

Classic Apartments - Apartment 1

€1,650per month
1 Room2 adults45

Trend Apartments - Apartment 4

€1,700per month
1 Room2 adults45

Modern City Apartments

€2,200per month
2 Rooms4 adults60

Domestic, fashionable apartment for a time in nice neighborhood

€1,500per month
2 Rooms4 adults75