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Furnished apartments in Berlin, Germany

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Spacious, bright 1 bedroom close to Landwehr canal

€1,750per month
2 Rooms2 adults75

* LAST Minute * Penthouse modern with big terrace, nice view ! *

€4,100per month
4 Rooms6 adults125

Light-flooded & modern urban Loft in Berlin Mitte

€3,500per month
3 Rooms3 adults115

Newly renovated design studio with balcony

€1,699per month
1 Room1 adult37

Amazing & new apartment in quiet street

€1,410per month
1 Room1 adult25

Exclusive & wonderful apartment with a large sunny balcony in Berlin Biesdorfand garden for a limited time

€2,190per month
2 Rooms4 adults90

Charming Flat with Balcony and Elevator in the trendy area of Sprengelkiez

€1,600per month
1 Room2 adults38

Living & working in a cool ambience: complete floor, own terrace in historic country house villa on the park, 5 min to city-train (S-Bahn)

€1,680per month
3 Rooms2 adults120

Sunny apartment with park view in popular neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg

€1,980per month
2 Rooms3 adults70

Bright, modern flat in Friedrichshain

€1,690per month
2 Rooms2 adults58

Spree-Appartement with park view - near Adlershof/Ostkreuz!

€1,290per month
1 Room2 adults50

Urban Lifestyle in the heart of Berlin

€1,595per month
2 Rooms2 adults51

Spacious flat in Pankow-Niederschönhausen

€1,650per month
2 Rooms2 adults52

Modern , cozy Apartment in Berlin's greenest district in Berlin Köpenick

€1,690per month
2 Rooms2 adults49

Great apartment with own garden and terrace

€1,690per month
2 Rooms2 adults55

Historic brickstone apartment, quiet green area with a 10 min train connection to city

€2,300per month
2 Rooms3 adults70

Neat, cozy suite in Pankow

€1,690per month
2 Rooms2 adults55

Wonderful, cute suite in Charlottenburg

€1,785per month
2 Rooms2 adults60

Awesome & pretty flat

€1,710per month
2 Rooms2 adults65

Fashionable, gorgeous apartment in Kreuzberg (Berlin)

€1,200per month
1 Room1 adult35

Fully equipped & luxurious 3-bedroom apartment in Berlin-Lichtenberg (360° tour!)

€2,590per month
3 Rooms4 adults85

'Bente': luxury apartment (new building) in the Scandinavian quarter Prenzlauer Berg

€1,980per month
2 Rooms2 adults55

Spacious & perfect apartment in Friedrichshain

€1,350per month
2 Rooms2 adults46

Amazing, neat suite

€1,684per month
2 Rooms2 adults71

New 1 bedroom apartment

€1,300per month
2 Rooms2 adults41

Beautiful modern apartment with great public transport

€1,680per month
2 Rooms2 adults51

Amazing studio with nice neighbours

€1,400per month
1 Room2 adults50

Beautiful one room apartment with balcony in Friedrichshain

€1,639per month
1 Room2 adults44

Newly renovated fantastic and fashionable flat in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

€1,790per month
2 Rooms1 adult55

Amazing suite in Neukölln with balcony

€1,750per month
2 Rooms2 adults53