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Superb apartment with great view - VELLEFAUX

3.539 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer5 Erwachsene51

Superb studio near the canal St-Martin

1.351 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene24

Spacious apartment - La Villette

3.556 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene60

Apartment 31m² - Gare du Nord - Gare de l'Est

1.889 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene31

Cosy studio in the heart of Belleville

1.389 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene24

Charming and lovely apartment near Buttes Chaumont

2.333 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene45

Elegant 26m² studio with equipped kitchen, bathtub, and storage, near transportation

1.889 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene26

Schönes Duplex mit atemberaubendem Blick auf die Dächer von Paris

2.090 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene37

Awesome & fashionable suite close to Buttes Chaumont

2.611 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer4 Erwachsene62

Cosy Studio in Paris 19th Arrondissement

1.526 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene28

Amazing and spacious duplex- great view!

3.589 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer4 Erwachsene60

Charming studio, ideally arranged and located close to the canal st martin and the Buttes Chaumont.

1.444 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene20

Urban Comfort Oasis: Stylish 43m² Apartment with Modern Amenities and Vibrant Surroundings

2.333 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene43

Superb accommodation on Avenue de Flandre in a modern building, perfect for students or professionals

2.500 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene52

Modern & gorgeous home - great view!

2.167 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene32

Chic Comfort near Buttes Chaumont: 43m² Apartment on the 3rd Floor

2.333 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene43

Superb flat on Avenue de Flandre in a modern building, perfect for students or professionals.

3.089 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene50

Cosy studio - View on the Canal de l'Ourcq

1.367 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene15

Nice studio 2pers. / Quai de Jemmapes - Colonel Fabien

1.889 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene27

Modern apartment - Buttes-Chaumont

3.222 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene55

Urban Elegance: Stylish 43m² Apartment with Double-Glazed Tranquility

2.333 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene43

Buttes-Chaumont-Bright and lovely 1-BR apartment

2.500 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene48

Cosy Studio - Buttes Chaumont / Botzaris

1.333 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene15

Lovely and cosy studio in the heart of the 19th arrondissement of Paris, refurbished

1.333 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene18

Awesome, wonderful suite with nice neighbours

1.953 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene32

Beautiful home with terrace and parking

2.058 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene30

Gorgeous 1-Bedroom Apartment near Buttes Chaumont

2.333 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene45

Charming studio of 13m² on the 7th floor near Montmartre and the Goutte d'Or

1.333 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene13

Magnificent flat located in the 10th district of Paris, surrounded by numerous shops and means of transport.

5.556 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer4 Erwachsene77

Gorgeous & pretty apartment

5.500 €pro Monat
4 Zimmer8 Erwachsene89