Temporary homes for Ukrainians in Germany

We know many of you are forced to leave your home in Ukraine and our hearts go out to you. We want to help those of you who seek housing. We spent the last weeks contacting home providers mostly all over Germany and thousands are ready to help. On our new platform you can see the available homes per city and request them directly.

Find a home

We are working with our network of partners and landlords to help find temporary homes for Ukrainians displaced by the war. We already have offers that will allow us to house thousands of Ukrainians in Germany.


How is Wunderflats helping?

We’re reaching out to our vast network of partners and landlords to find available housing in Germany. At the same time, we’re preparing our website to be able to match the available housing with Ukrainian tenants in need. We have a team helping us verify home providers, and provide safe contracts to tenants in need.


What can landlords do to help?

We are currently working on the technical implementation of adding all types of homes to our platform so that these can be exclusively offered to and only be rented by Ukrainians displaced by the war. We will connect Ukrainians in need with a matching temporary home for at least one month, ideally as long as needed.


Is it for free?

Yes. Wunderflats offers this service free of charge. Nevertheless, we cannot provide all accommodation free of charge. Some home providers will be able to provide accommodation without charging any rent at all, others will be able to offer significantly reduced rates. The rate will depend on the individuals that have registered to provide housing. Two thirds of landlords registered ask €0 rent.

“There is war in Europe. People are losing their homes. Let's do what we can to give displaced Ukrainians a place they can temporarily call home. Let's make sure they feel welcome and that they belong.“

- Jan Hase, CEO Wunderflats

Questions you might have

I have friends/family arriving into Germany from Ukraine, can I fill out the form on their behalf?


Yes. Please let us know how we can reach them, e.g. through you. In this case, please provide us with your contact details. Alternatively, you can provide us directly with their contact details, but please do so only with their consent.

Are there already listings available for this on your platform?


We are collecting home offers and already have thousands. These homes are offered at low rents and often for free. The platform to see all available offers is not live yet. The technical implementation is in progress as you are reading this. Our goal is to be able to show homes that are exclusively available to Ukrainians in need within a few days. Meanwhile, we will also try with our team and volunteers to manually match the most urgent cases.

How soon can you help me find a place?


We’ll try to help you find a place as soon as possible and within days. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific timeline. Therefore please leave your contact details so we can connect with you as soon as our technical implementation is finished and listings are available on our website.

How much will a rental through Wunderflats cost me?


Rental rates are determined by the home providers who registered to support with housing. Many of them are significantly reducing their rates because they want to help. Also, the feedback from registered landlords indicates that two thirds are able to offer homes for free. We will do all we can to provide you with a temporary home that suits your current monetary means. The rental rates will be visible once we have added available homes to our platform.

How long will I be able to stay in the rental?


This may differ depending on the available accommodation. We have asked our partners to make housing available for at least one month. You’ll be able to see the available rental duration once we’ve added the homes to our platform.

What type of documentation will I need?


In order to be able to register with us, you initially won’t need any specific documentation. However, we will need a form of ID from you to verify your identity once you’re actually renting a home through us. We will do everything we can to ensure this is as unbureaucratic as possible. At the same time, security for all involved is paramount to us. We might also ask you for some for of arrival documents, a residence permit, or EU Blue Card.

Find a home in Germany and Europe

See available homes per city and request them online.

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The purpose of collecting your information is to better understand your housing availability. Your personal information will only be used in connection with our efforts to rent available living space to Ukrainians in need. It will be processed in accordance to all GDPR regulations. It will not be used for commercial purposes. We may, however, pass it on to German government agencies that are involved in facilitating the housing of displaced Ukrainians coming to Germany. You may at any given time request a deletion of your data. Wunderflats will act as Data controller in accordance to the Wunderflats Privacy Policy. By accepting this form you are agreeing for the processing of your Data.