Support Ukrainians with housing

The war in Ukraine affects and moves us all. We at Wunderflats want to support our Ukrainian neighbors. Many of them are currently fleeing their home country – mainly women and children. Those who arrive in Germany need housing urgently. If you have available living space, please offer it here.

Offer housing now

There is not much we can do to stop the war, but what we can do is help people from Ukraine seeking refuge with a temporary home. Anything from rooms to apartments and houses makes a huge difference.


How is Wunderflats helping?

We are working behind the scenes to rally our partners and landlords to help find available housing in Germany.


What can landlords do to help?

Currently all types of accommodation are of big help. Any apartment, house or room with furniture that you are willing to rent to people from Ukraine is helpful. Offering it at a lower rent or, if at all possible, at no charge is a huge plus.


Is it for free?

Yes. Wunderflats offers this service free of charge. However, as a startup we are not yet profitable. Therefore, should demand exceed our capabilities, we may ask for support from partners to be able to maintain the initiative.

“There is war in Europe. People are losing their homes. Let's do what we can to give displaced Ukrainians a place they can temporarily call home. Let's make sure they feel welcome and that they belong.“

- Jan Hase, CEO Wunderflats

Questions you might have

Will tenants be verified?


Yes, we will check all IDs/passports.

Is there a minimum rental period requirement?


While there is no official minimum rental period requirement, please do consider offering your available space for at least one month.

Can I rent out/offer a spare room?


Whether you can offer an entire apartment or a spare room – please create a listing on our platform. There you can indicate your type of housing.

Do rentals have to be furnished?


Not necessarily. However, do bear in mind that most displaced people will come to Germany with only the bare essentials and won’t have the funds to furnish an apartment. If you can support them by providing even a basic set of furniture, that would be of great help.

Does Wunderflats earn any money with this?


No. We offer this service free of charge. The initiative is currently run by 20 of our Wunderflats employees as well as additional volunteers. We provide servers and technology, e.g. for ID verification of landlords and tenants. To be able to keep this service running longer term and/or on a larger scale, we may ask partners for financial support.

Safety at Wunderflats

To ensure safety on our platform, both home providers and people in need of housing will have to verify their identity. We’re offering this service in collaboration with our secure partner Veriff.

Here’s what's needed to verify your identity:

A valid government-issued identity document with a photo of you (scans cannot be accepted)

A device with a working camera and a brief moment to take a photo of yourself and your ID

Your photo and personal information won't be stored and will not be shown anywhere on the platform.

Offer housing to Ukrainians in need

Please put your housing offer online.

Know someone who can help?

Share this page with people you know who can help.


The purpose of collecting your information is to better understand your housing availability. Your personal information will only be used in connection with our efforts to rent available living space to Ukrainians in need. It will be processed in accordance to all GDPR regulations. It will not be used for commercial purposes. We may, however, pass it on to German government agencies that are involved in facilitating the housing of displaced Ukrainians coming to Germany. You may at any given time request a deletion of your data. Wunderflats will act as Data controller in accordance to the Wunderflats Privacy Policy. By accepting this form you are agreeing for the processing of your Data.