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Studio 22m² - Bastille - Faubourg St Antoine

1.368 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene22

Cozy 1st Floor Apartment with Open Kitchen and Belleville Charm

1.488 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene23

Ivry-sur-Seine - Nice studio

3.038 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene22

Montreuil Saint Mandé - Tranquil Premium Studio near Bois de Vincennes and Parc Floral

2.139 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene18

Furnished apartment 2 rooms - Gare de Lyon

2.000 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene31

Studio - 20m² - Aligre

1.474 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene20

Lovely flat with good view and public garden

980 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene24

Spacious and fashionable flat in Boulogne-Billancourt

4.737 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer5 Erwachsene73

Charming studio near Bastille

1.795 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene27

Stunning and Elegant Apartment 5 mins from Aligre Market and Coulée Verte with Balcony

2.737 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene50

Apartment 2 rooms- 31 sqm- Picpus - Reuilly - Nation

2.105 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene31

Apartment 2 rooms - 53m² - Picpus - Reuilly - Nation

2.316 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene53

Comfortable 1 room apartment with nice view

1.579 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene19

Montreuil Saint Mandé - Tranquil 1-BR apartment near Bois de Vincennes and Parc Floral

3.069 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene38

2 bedroom 2 bathroom in the heart of the charming 12th

2.741 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer3 Erwachsene55

Ivry-sur-Seine - Well-lit 1-BR apartment with interior garden, close to Paris-Bercy

2.108 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene24

Gorgeous Large Studio with Free WiFi near Gare de Lyon: Comfort and Convenience in Paris

3.069 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene25

Modern duplex apartment with 2 spacious terraces offering a magnificent view of the Seine

3.053 €pro Monat
4 Zimmer4 Erwachsene85

Independent Studio with Free WiFi near Gare de Lyon: Comfort and Convenience in Paris

2.790 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene21

Stylish and Cozy 2-BR Apartment with Terrace in the Heart of 12th District

2.759 €pro Monat
3 Zimmer4 Erwachsene66

Montreuil Saint Mandé - Tranquil Studio near Bois de Vincennes and Parc Floral

1.891 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene18

Nice, cozy home conveniently located

1.950 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene40

Gorgeous flat close to Bastille

2.737 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene24

Ivry-sur-Seine - Nice 1-BR apartment

5.177 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene39

2P Modern and functional - Picpus

2.368 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer4 Erwachsene30

Newly renovated flat on the 10th floor with a panoramic view, bright, equipped and spacious

2.632 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer3 Erwachsene50

Lovely, bright loft

1.300 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene26

T2 Modern refurbished - Saint-Mandé

1.958 €pro Monat
2 Zimmer2 Erwachsene42

Cosy Studio in the Heart of the City - Bastille

1.579 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene18

Ivry-sur-Seine - Well-lit studio with interior garden, close to Paris-Bercy

1.705 €pro Monat
1 Zimmer2 Erwachsene18