Can I charge an extra fee for electricity, Internet flat rate etc.?

To make the booking process as easy as possible, Wunderflats works exclusively with all-inclusive rental prices. This means that in addition to the actual rent, a fixed rate covering all utilities is already included. This all-inclusive rent should comprise all utilities including an internet flat rate. The fixed rate for the utilities should be based on the average consumption of the last years and the number of tenants. Since all utilities are already included in the rent, you as a landlord do not have to create a utility statement at the end of the rental period, and no retroactive compensation payments are made between you and the tenant. According to the experience of our Wunderflats landlords, the costs of different consumer behaviour balance out well over several tenants. Should you nevertheless notice that the fixed rate applied does not cover your costs, you can increase it accordingly for future rentals. Only in case of significantly higher consumption, an additional payment might be due, which you can offset against the security deposit. Please find further information here (in German). Would you like to consult with us? Our team will be more than happy to help you with the pricing of your apartment. Just send us an email to