What should I consider when my tenants move out?

When your tenants move out, the apartment should be handed over in a well-swept condition. With the help of the handover protocol signed when your tenants moved in, you can check whether any damage has occurred during the tenancy. Document this in another handover protocol. Compare the inventory list to see if the equipment in the apartment is complete. Also make sure that all keys are returned. Damage and missing items can usually be offset against the deposit. Especially if there is little time between the change of tenants, it is a good idea to carry out a preliminary inspection some time before the tenants move out. In this way, you can clarify possible maintenance needs at an early stage, and any existing damage can be repaired before the new tenants move in. Please download our form for the inventory list and the handover protocol with a helpful checklist, in which you can enter all the details. Here you can find more recommendations for a smooth handover of the apartment when your tenants move out (in German).