What should I consider when my tenants move in?

Before the tenants move in, you should check that the apartment is in perfect condition. Make sure that the furniture and electronic devices do not have any defects and that the Wi-Fi works. You can check that the equipment in the apartment is complete using the inventory list. Replace missing items if necessary. The apartment should be thoroughly cleaned before your tenants move in. With freshly made beds, fresh flowers and a bottle of water, your tenants will immediately feel welcome after their arrival. When handing over the apartment, you should check its condition again and document any damage in a handover protocol. We recommend taking photos of the furniture and electrical appliances when your tenants move in. You and the tenants should send these pictures to each other by email to record the date on which the pictures were taken. This way, any damage that occurs during the tenancy can be identified during the handover of the apartment when your tenants move out. The cost for the damage can then be offset directly against the security deposit. Please download our form for the inventory list and the handover protocol with a helpful checklist, in which you can enter all the details. Here you will find more recommendations on how to prepare your apartment for new tenants and how to ensure a smooth handover (in German).