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39 m2, Floor: 6Berlin
2 Rooms1 Bed2 People1 Monthmin. stay

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Spacious and full of style, Sequoia apartments are 39 square meters in size and offer incredible city views. Each Sequoia apartment has a craftsman bed, a complete designer kitchen, a 40-inch IP-TV, a dining table, a vintage armchair, reliably thick doors for privacy and extensive wardrobe space. There is also a nicely tiled bathroom with beautiful basins and a bathtub/shower. Please feel free to take a look at the apartment in our 360° tour:


Landlord's confirmation of residence (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)Change of letterbox and doorbell labels possible
Available at extra charge
Not available
Included in the rent
Included in the rent



  • Washing machineIn the building
  • DryerIn the building
  • Coffee machine
  • TV
  • Desk or workspace
  • WiFi
  • Terrace
  • Door intercom system
  • Lift


  • Dishwasher
  • Kettle
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Cutlery


  • Bed linens
  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Bedside lamp
  • Closet or chest of drawers


  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Hairdryer
  • Towels


  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Study rooms
  • Community lounge
  • Outdoor area


  • Bedroom

  • Double bed


Minimum booking duration: 1 Month
  1. Mar 2021
  2. Apr 2021
  3. May 2021
  4. Jun 2021
  5. Jul 2021
  6. Aug 2021
  7. Sep 2021
  8. Oct 2021
  9. Nov 2021
  10. Dec 2021
  11. Jan 2022
  12. Feb 2022

Additional Information

The following items are in all of our rooms: Open kitchen designed as vintage sideboard: includes a stove, microwave equipped with grill, fridge, dishwasher, tableware and kitchen towels Dining area with custom dining table Bathroom: includes a low-rise bathtub complete with rain shower and custom taps with lowered entry in all our apartments for easy access Hairdryer Closet with excess storage space Custom made items: Couch & vintage lounge chair perfectly matched to each apartment Coffee table Iron and ironing board LED SMART TV IP-TV connection Wi-Fi & high-speed internet included Laundry Features: our in-house Laundrette is available 24/7. OTHER SERVICES Reception Opening hours: 09am - 12pm, Thu - Sat until 02am Housekeeping and Laundry on call -- Prices: Full apartment cleaning complete with new bedding and towels 29,90 € Full apartment cleaning without new bedding and towels 24,00 € Kitchen cleaning 11,90 € New bed linen & towels 15,00 € Wash & Dry service with laundry pickup and delivery 9,90 € 1 hour wash cycle 4,00 € 1 hour dry cycle 3,00 € House Rules (convenience translation) The house rules govern the cohabitation of all inhabitants of the house. It applies to all tenants and persons who live together in a double apartment with the tenant (the "inhabitants") and persons who are staying or moving in the object at the instigation of an inhabitant. Rules are necessary to ensure the cohabitation of several people in one building. Everyone will only feel comfortable when all the inhabitants accept the needs and interests of each other. In the interests of public security and order, all official regulations and orders, in particular those of the police and official authorities must be obeyed at all time, even if the house rules do not specify them in detail. The House rules are: § 1 Permitted use 1.1 Any use deviating from the use agreed in the lease agreement is prohibited. 1.2 Unless otherwise agreed in the lease agreement, the apartment may only be occupied by one person. 1.3 In the apartments, only the cooking facilities belonging to the lease object may be used for cooking and no laundry should be dried with the exception of small parts. 1.4 The inhabitant shall not set up or operate additional cooking facilities, refrigerators, washing machines, drier, dishwashers, air conditioners etc. 1.5 Each inhabitant is liable for his / her family members, his / her staff and visitors as well as for his / her tenants with regard to the rules of these house rules. Complaints concerning non-compliance with provisions of the house rules shall be communicated to the administrator in a written form. 1.6 When moving in and moving out, each inhabitant shall immediately register his / her residence at the competent registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt). § 2 Rest period 2.1 The inhabitants shall always behave in such a way that other inhabitants are not disturbed by noise, listening to music, making music or similar. The use of TV sets and music systems may only be carried out on low volume basis. Doors to the house and apartment doors shall generally be closed and any unnecessary noise shall be avoided. Official regulations must be obeyed. 2.2 The daily periods between 10.00 pm and 06.00 am are defined as basic rest periods. No rest disturbing work shall be carried out during this rest period. § 3 Keys 3.1 The tenant receives keys from the administrator for the lease period. These keys shall be kept carefully and not passed on to third parties. 3.2 In case of loss of a key, the tenant shall notify the administrator immediately. 3.3 The tenant is not allowed to prepare or let prepare copies of the keys. § 4 Common rooms, house flooring, stairs 4.1 When using the common rooms, care must be taken of the needs of other users. 4.2 The common rooms have to be left in order and in clean condition. 4.3 Soiled common rooms and inventory have to be immediately cleaned and littering be re-moved by the inhabitant who caused the soiling, taking into account the responsibility for third persons under these house rules. The responsible inhabitant shall also compensate caused damage. 4.4 No posters, pictures or other wall decorations may be used in common rooms, the house flooring and stairs. 4.5 Bicycles or motorcycles, baby carriages, shoes or other items shall not be parked on or in front of the stairs and in the cellar hall. 4.6 The storage of toxic or combustible materials in the apartments, common rooms or the cellars, including the corridors and stairs, is not permitted. 4.7 The tenant shall immediately inform the administrator about damages, in particular about water and drain pipes, moisture in the cellar and roof area, elevator and damage to the heating system. Defective appliances, lighting or other items in the common areas, corridors and stairs shall be reported to the administrator immediately. 4.8 Windows in the stairwell, roof and cellar areas shall be closed during rain or storm. § 5 House entrance and apartment doors, bell signs 5.1 The use or attachment of self-designed signs at the entrance or apartment doors is not permitted. The administrator provides uniform nameplates for the bell system, intercom sys-tem and the mailboxes. 5.2 The house entrance door as well as all doors of the lease object to its outside shall be kept closed 5.3 Between 22:00 and 06:00 these doors shall be locked § 6 Use of the Apartment 6.1 The furniture and inventory shall be treated with care. It may not be removed or replaced from the Apartment. 6.2 The inhabitant shall ensure order and cleanliness in the Apartment. The cleaning of the Apartment and the associated balconies and terraces is the responsibility of the inhabitant. 6.3 Before moving out the tenant shall ensure the cleaning of the entire Apartment as well as the mattress covers and curtains and, if necessary, the carpet. Otherwise the cleaning will take place at the expense of the tenant after she / he moved out. 6.4 Defective appliances, lighting or other damage to the items as well as the inventory in the Apartment shall be reported to the administrator immediately. 6.5 Any modification of electrical or sanitary pipes and connections is prohibited. 6.6 In winter, the inhabitant shall ensure that all water pipes are protected against frost (even in case of prolonged absence). 6.7 With the exception of the usual balcony furniture, no items shall be stored or hanged on balconies, loggias and terraces. 6.8 The installation of external antennas, blinds, external blinds as well as the installation of flower boxes and flower pots outside the window, also on balconies / loggia balustrades to the outside are not permitted. § 7 Use of the kitchen counter, kitchen equipment 7.1 The kitchen counter, kitchen appliances and the entire facility shall be treated gently and with care. The surfaces shall be cleaned regularly with surface-protecting cleaning agents. 7.2 The drain pipe in the kitchen shall not be used to dispose of garbage, food remains, grease or objects which can lead to the sewage system being clogged. These objects belong to the designated garbage container or to the hazardous garbage. § 8 Sanitary facilities 8.1 All sanitary facilities and fixtures shall be treated with care and kept clean. 8.2 No bulky garbage or harmful liquids shall be disposed of in sinks, baths, shower trays and toilets. 8.3 In the case of prolonged absence (more than one week), the inhabitant is advised to run the hot water in the kitchen and the showers before its use for about 1 minute as bacteria can proliferate in longer standing water. § 9 Radio, television, telephone, home network Radio and television appliances shall be registered with the toll collection authority (Gebühreneinzugszentrale). The fees shall be paid by the tenant. If antenna connection cables belong to the lease object, these shall be used. § 10 Garbage 10.1 Garbage, except for bulky garbage, shall be disposed properly in the designated garbage cans. The storage area for the garbage cans shall be kept clean and the garbage cans shall be kept closed. Packages shall be crushed. Ash may only be poured into the garbage bin after cooling. Every inhabitant shall take care of the proper removal of bulky waste. The inhabitant shall pay attention to the proper separation of the garbage according to official regulations. 10.2 The deposit of bulky waste or similar objects in the stairs, cellar access points or other communal areas is expressly prohibited. Objects deposited there will be removed at the expense of the responsible inhabitant, taking into account the responsibility for third persons under these house rules. § 11 Vehicles 11.1 Motor vehicles, mopeds and bicycles shall only to be parked on the designated lots and shall only drive on designated routes of the property. Washing, repairs and maintenance work are only permitted at designated places. Non-operational or non-registered vehicles shall not be parked on the property. 11.2 It is prohibited to block the existing ventilation openings in the underground car park. § 12 Fire protection 12.1 The inhabitant shall strictly comply with all building safety and fire protection regulations and orders. In particular, the storage of highly inflammable or toxic materials in or on the property as well as the blocking of escape routes, e.g. by storing objects of any kind are prohibited on all traffic areas, including the communal balconies. 12.2 Grilling on the property is only permitted in the specific areas approved for this purpose. Grilling on roof terraces, in corridors and on balconies is prohibited. § 13 Commercial activity The pursuit of a commercial activity or practice on the property, in particular the sale of goods, is prohibited. § 14 Smoking Smoking is not permitted in common areas in the building, e.g. common rooms and hall-ways, and other areas accessible to all inhabitants. § 15 Pets 15.1 Pets are not permitted in the Apartment. This does not apply to small animals as far as the number of animals is within the usual limits and the nature of the animals and their accommodation cannot reasonably be expected to cause any harassment of inhabitants and neighbours as well as impairment of the lease object and / or the property. 15.2 In case of a repeated infringement of the above obligation following a warning notice by the landlord setting a reasonable deadline to cease the infringement the landlord may terminate the lease agreement without notice.

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Smoking is not allowed

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