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Zusätzliche Informationen

Inkl. Zwischenreinigung 14 tägig Houserules for Temporary Use of Furnished Apartment § 1 Use The furnished apartment is rented for the period agreed in the rental agreement. A (partial) commercial use of the apartment by the tenant is not permitted. The apartment is rented for use only with the registered and confirmed number of persons. A sublease or transfer of use to third parties is expressly prohibited, the inclusion of other persons is permitted only with the prior written consent of the landlord and possibly against payment of a then still to be agreed surcharge for rent. § 2 Rental beginning and end The landlord makes the furnished apartment at the first day of the agreed rental period from 15:00 clock for the registered and confirmed number of people to the tenant. At the end of the contract, the apartment must be handed over in a proper condition by no later than 11:00 am of the last day of use. A tacit renewal of the rental period due to continued use of the tenant by the tenant is expressly excluded. § 3 Damages The tenant takes over the furnished apartment in a clean and proper condition with the existing inventory. The tenant or a roommate, visitors, etc. have to gently and carefully handle the rented premises including their inventory as well as the common areas including facilities and facilities (eg installations, heating and cooking facilities). Any defects or damage during the takeover must be reported to the landlord's representative during the check-in. The hirer must immediately notify the lessor in writing of any damage occurring in the rental and common rooms. If the damage increases as a result of the non-disclosure of the elimination of damage, the renter is fully liable. The lessee is liable to the landlord for all violations of these terms of use and for any damage to the rental property and its equipment caused by him or a roommate, visitors, etc. culpably. If the renter does not comply with his claim for damages immediately, the landlord may, after a reminder and a deadline, have the damage remedied at the expense of the renter or claim damages for non-fulfillment. In case of imminent danger, a reminder and a deadline is not required. § 4 Careful treatment of the apartment The lessee must in particular ensure proper cleaning, ventilation and heating of the living spaces. He also undertakes to immediately eliminate any vermin, to immediately report the infestation to the landlord or the competent representative and to store all leftovers in sealed containers after infestation. The renter may not store any fuels or toxic substances, acids, large quantities of perishable waste or animal feed in the rented premises. Smoking and the use of open fire are not permitted throughout the building. The valid rest periods from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 22:00 to 07:00 are to be observed by the renter and his roommates, visitors, etc. On the use of other community facilities, the landlord may at its discretion set up a house rules and also subsequently change, if there are reasonable and appropriate reasons for doing so. A right of use exists only within the limits of these house rules. Every time you leave the apartment, close all windows, doors and taps and switch off all electrical appliances and equipment, including the lighting. § 5 Departure The departure takes place independently by the tenant. He leaves the keys handed over to him in the apartment and closes the door behind him. Upon departure of the tenant, the apartment from the tenant's property is to be cleared and also in a tidy condition with removal of gross contamination that goes beyond the normal use-related pollution, with the complete, at the takeover existing inventory harmless to the landlord to hand over. All dishes and cooking utensils must be thoroughly cleaned, dried and placed in the cupboards. The only exception is the last set of dishes (from breakfast) thoroughly rinsed for self-drying in the dry basket left behind. § 6 Registration Act The renter is obliged to comply with the requirements of the residency registration law. § 7 Liability of the renter The tenant is liable for damage or deterioration of the rental property in accordance with statutory regulations. At the beginning of the rental the tenant belonging to the apartment keys are handed out to the tenant, these keys are part of the locking system of the house. At the end of the rental contract, the renter is obliged to return all keys given to him to the landlord. In the case of incomplete release of the key sentence by the renter, the renter must pay a lump sum of 230.00 EUR (incl. 19% VAT) per missing key set to the landlord. If all keys cannot be returned upon return of the apartment, but these are within 10 working days after the return of the apartment to the landlord, a flat-rate allowance of 35,70 EUR (including 19% VAT) per late returned key set , § 8 Overview of additional costs Basically, we charge no additional costs, the indicated rental price is always indicated by us including the final cleaning fee. This may vary depending on the booking platform used by the guest. We are a small company with no reception on site. These structures give rise to boundary conditions, which we have written down in these terms and conditions. We would like to respond flexibly to the needs of our customers, but certain wishes lead to cost consequences, which we have to charge the guests. Here we would like to indicate the additional costs transparently, if something goes differently than planned or something beyond the normal going out is agreed upon. All information including the statutory VAT. Final cleaning fee (is always indicated as part of the rental price) Non-return of a key phrase by the tenant to the landlord: 230 € per key set Late return of a key phrase by the tenant to the landlord (if returned within 10 days of departure, it counts the date of receipt by the landlord): 36 € per key set "Late Check-Out" / Late Check-out & "Early Check-In" / Early Arrival - if previously confirmed in writing / by email from the landlord: € 10 per started hour before 15:00 on the day of arrival (early check-in) resp. after 11:00 am on the day of departure (late check-out) (max 50 € each) Delayed departure - without the prior written consent of the landlord: 100 € basic charge as well as 40 € per started hour for the additional expenses incurred by us in terms of organization and the cleaning service Late check-in / late arrival - arrivals are possible until 10 pm If previously confirmed in writing / by email, arrivals can also be made afterwards: € 50 per apartment and stay to cover the additional expenses Late arrival - arrival after 22:00 without the prior written consent of the landlord: No guarantee that we can still carry out the check-in. If this can be done: 100 € per apartment and stay to cover the additional expenses Another part of our priority is adding protection for children while using the internet. We encourage parents and guardians to observe, participate in, and/or monitor and guide their online activity.


  • Energieausweistyp: Verbrauchsausweis
  • Erstellungsdatum: Bis 30 April 2014 (EnEV 2009)
  • Wesentlicher Energieträger: Fernwärme
  • Heizungsart: Fernwärme
  • Baujahr: 2010
  • Energieverbrauch für Warmwasser enthalten: Nein
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